Ambassador Hazy: Glacial Erratics (self-released, 2020)

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Ambassador Hazy: Glacial Erratics

Slacker-ish lo-fi psych pop from Sterling DeWeese, formerly of several bands I’ve never heard of (Heavy Hands, Dirty Rainbow, Terrapin Gun, etc). Has sort of a Bevis Frond thing going on but without the guitar heroics. Mostly sounds like one guy doing everything, with a few friends helping out on some tracks, and the simplicity works to its advantage, as on the brief but catchy “Don’t Have a Plan”. “Easy Alibi” has some nice fuzz guitar and organ and big slappy drums. “Passing Into a Grey Area” feels like a brief part of a much longer psych jam. “Moth to the Flame” has more heavy, almost funky drums, sort of suggesting Can but not quite as superhuman. :Never to Late” starts with a vinyl spinback and pairs drum machines with live drums. “Up and Down” is a decent bummed out drifter singalong tune. “Ain’t the Same No More” has more drum machines and bottom-of-a-well echo. “Oz the Great and Powerful” is a bit weirder and more mystical, and sounds like something from a funky ’70s psych soundtrack, but with vocals referencing The Wizard of Oz. “The World’s a Mess” has a synth intro and outro, and is a scratchy fuzz-rock nugget with lyrics such as “The world’s a mess and I need a friend”.

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