Polytherian: Role Play LP (Gold Robot, 2020)

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Polytherian: Role Play LP

Dylan Tidyman-Jones used to make laid back dream pop as FRONDS, but now he’s going by the name Polytherian. It’s generally in the same boat, though, kind of delicate but groovable. “Role Play” is quite elegant, the drifty guitar melody just keeps repeating and it gets to you (in a sad and beautiful way). “Intention” is slightly more lonesome ’50s-tinged. “Nightmares” is a short interlude, then “Casting Call” has minimalist organs, a tricky time signature, pulsating beats, and some trippy echoing synths. It has no lyrics and fades out when it sounds like it’s going to take off and do something more interesting. The first couple tracks on the second side flirt with Brazilian rhythms, with some touches of synth distortion and a weird but friendly vibe. “Fan Fiction” is kind of like a spacier, bubblier version of Woods. “Hymn” is quietly ambitious, shifting tempos a few times while shimmering dreamily. The album seems light and inconsequential at first but it does seep into your brain if you give it a chance.

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