Lewsberg: In This House LP (12XU, 2020)

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Lewsberg: In This House LP

Rotterdam quartet Lewsberg play a stripped down, straightforward but intellectual form of garage rock which seems to be influenced entirely by the Velvet Underground. The songs themselves aren’t quite as memorable, but the musicianship and especially Arie von Vliet’s deadpan vocals are spot on. The album even starts off with a Waldo Jeffers-type story, “Left Turn”, although this one wraps up in 2 minutes. “Cold Light of Day” and “From Never to Once” are easy highlights of the first side, and between them sit a calmer observation about drinking at lunch (or not drinking at lunch) and a somewhat meandering instrumental. “The Door” is slower and seems unassuming at first, but then erupts into the most unhinged, noisy guitar soloing on the record. “Through the Garden” has startling lyrics about suicide and dirty deeds, yet the music is comparatively upbeat, bounding along straight and narrow without tipping over. After a brief noise interlude and the hushed murmur of “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Standard Procedures” is another winding story, with a greater sense of mystery than most of the other songs. Halfway through, it switches down from a taut, steady rhythm to a delicate, minimal instrumental, decaying the album to a close.

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