USA/Mexico: Del Rio LP (12XU, 2021)

February 12, 2021 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

USA/Mexico: Del Rio LP

This Austin supergroup featuring members of Butthole Surfers, Shit & Shine, and Expensive Shit (see a pattern?) continues getting heavier, sludgier, and more monstrous with every release. Their third LP feels absolutely crushed and maxed out, yet still piledrives and steamrolls. Outside of the guitars soaring over the top, it’s hard to even pick out the individual instruments in this massive pile of radioactive chili glop, but there’s a lurching rhythm to it which pulls you in and physically tosses you around. It is absolutely necessary to blast this at head-wrecking volume, loud enough so that it clears out your mind. First track “Chorizo” is easily digestible enough at 4 minutes, but the other two go on for way longer, with “Del Rio” taking up the entire B-side and just getting heavier and more toxic. The vocals are just grotesque and demonic. Yet more music that makes me want live music to come back quickly so I can get consumed by a set from these guys at some Austin dive like Beerland, if I ever visit that city again.

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