His Name Is Alive: Ghost Tape EXP (Disciples, 2020)

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His Name Is Alive: Ghost Tape EXP

HNIA is about to drop a third LP of early ambient recordings, plus a 4 CD box set (which I’ve ordered and hope shows up soon), but in the meantime, last year they released some other tapes related to this excavation mission. There’s a tape of AM radio recordings, a tape of dubby beat-driven remixes and then Model Home’s versions of that material, and now here’s something that seems in the middle of all of those. Ghost Tape EXP has some beats near the beginning, as well as some crusted-over lo-fi drone and some slowly vibrating space rock zone-outs. It’s not quite clear if it’s a remix album, outtakes, revisions, new material in the same vein, or maybe all of those melted together. “Sun Reflection” scorches a bit and seems closer to the noisiness of Return to Never, then “Witch Marks” is frostbitten glacier drone with icy echoes (at the beginning). It ends up with “My Heart Will Go Out”, which starts out still and placid before guitars roll across the landscape and a melody briefly surfaces before it all gets cast out back to the tundra. It’s not a huge departure from all the other recent releases but it’s still slightly other and vaguely familiar.

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