Sexual Harrassment: I Need a Freak LP (Heat, 1983/reissued by Dark Entries, 2021)

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Sexual Harrassment: I Need a Freak LP

Later namechecked by LCD Soundsystem on “Losing My Edge”, the group Sexual Harrassment released this LP and a few singles in the ’80s before disappearing. Just like nobody would get away with such a problematic band name today, the music is the sort of pervy electro-funk that could only have come out of the ’80s underground. Not that there hasn’t been countless knockoffs of this sort of sleaze since the electroclash era, but this is a genuine original. It fits nicely with the Maxx Mann reissue Dark Entries put out last year as well as proto-techno classics like “Sharevari”, and some of the more minimal Prince-related projects, with Vanity 6 coming to mind. Some of it is just plain hilarious, like the should-be gym classic “Exercise Your Ass Off”, which sounds like a goof that came together in a single afternoon, in the best way. This reissue includes the band’s two post-album singles, including the self-explanatory “We Want Prince”, which cleverly crams tons of song titles into its verses, and the sly, salacious “These Are The Things That I Like”.

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