Wolf Eyes/Blank Hellscape: split 12″ (12XU, 2021)

February 4, 2021 at 6:48 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Wolf Eyes/Blank Hellscape: split 12″

Wolf Eyes’ side of this split 12″ (“Winter Sunday”) mostly consists of crackling, broken electronics, sometimes swinging like a rusty hinge, sometimes developing a lurching beat, which ends up getting ground into sludge. Nate Young’s voice eventually appears, then appears to melt inside the sluggish looping rhythms. Inzane Johnny lets out a startling cry on a horn, although it doesn’t pierce through the gloop too much, and seems to join the same sort of decomposing cycle as the rest of the sounds. Fun stuff, but in all honestly, Wolf Eyes are totally blown out of the water by the Blank Hellscape side, “Concrete Walls”. The trio are from Austin and they have a few releases to their name, including a 2019 LP on Diseased Tapes, but I was unaware of them until this release. Heavy death industrial that you can actually dance to, with gut-shaking beats framing the piercing feedback and lacerating screams. Halfway through, the harsh noise fades away, and the kick drum heartbeat slows down, then gets blasted out with thick, evil sunrays and one of the group members delivers a barely audible anti-capitalist monologue. Eventually the feedback starts shredding in measured bursts in between kick drum thuds, and it all fades out just as it seems like it could get taken to another level. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a noise show in some cruddy basement, but this record is making me realize how much I miss it.

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