Yasuyuki Uesugi: Psychosis Is A Condition In Which Nerve Cells Can No Longer Tolerate Defects tape (Psy-Fiction Recordings, 2020)

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Yasuyuki Uesugi: Psychosis Is A Condition In Which Nerve Cells Can No Longer Tolerate Defects tape

12 copies of this tape exist, making it one of the larger pressings on Russian label Psy-Fiction Recordings, which usually releases tapes in editions of about 5 copies each. It’s also one of the few releases on the label created by someone other than multi-monikered founder Alexey Nakhodkin, and one of the more professional-looking tapes I’ve seen from the label. Noise artist Yasuyuki Uesugi has released dozens of albums since 2019 (!) and they’re all deeply psychological, filled with titles related to mental health, suffering, and the abuse of experimental substances intended as forms of medication. The tracks on this tape reflect a never-ending vortex of confusion, dissatisfaction, and severe migraines, and all of them are basically 4-minute vacuum cleaner drones with slightly varied effects on them. The second side definitely has more variation, as there’s more of a swirl to these tracks, and more of a psychedelic tinge. “My Failures Always Stimulate the Brain” is harsher and more cutting with spaceship oscillations fluttering underneath, and “People Trapped In Social Mechanisms” seems more like a tub filled with bubbling acid. All of the tracks basically sound like the artist is setting the controls a certain way and just letting it run for several minutes, but they all feel like being captured at a certain state, and the pieces on the second half seem more agitated, more stimulated, a bit more removed from reality, but also more alive.

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