Reynols: Gona Rubian Ranesa (Outlier Communications, 2020)

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Reynols: Gona Rubian Ranesa

The legendary Argentinian experimental group Reynols returns with their first studio album in 17 years, following a gargantuan 2019 box set and a collaboration with Acid Mothers Temple early last year. Blazing opener “Cameso Cator Sitero” definitely finds them in a sort of AMT free space rock mode, with leader Miguel Tomasin pounding out shaky but driving rhythms and excitedly shouting and la-laing to another galaxy while guitarists Anla Courtis and Rob Conlazo blaze paths to infinity. “Lintiri Teperoli” is slower, calmer, and more mystical, Tomasin improvising on an organ and Pacu Conlazo beating out earthy rhythms on hand drums. “Acotan Silago Foli” is more meandering and has multiple Tomasins wailing away, sometimes expanded to supernatural heights with reverb and echo effects. “Corlo Saturu” basically feels like their Krautrock jam, albeit looser and less disciplined than most of the bands associated with that term. Still, the flanged guitars and trebly, whistling flutes guide the music to some different spaces.

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