Machinecode: Every Ones & Nothings (YUKU, 2020)

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Machinecode: Every Ones & Nothings

Drum’n’bass heavyweight Current Value has been joining forces with Dean Rodell, British techno-turned-d’n’b producer and owner of several labels, as Machinecode since the late 2000s, exploring everything from industrial techno to seismic dubstep. Their newest album is on the outer limits of drum’n’bass, with complex beat patterns which seem to tiptoe around danceability, but stop short of going full throttle. It keeps you guessing, in other words. It’s propulsive, to be sure, but it’s never obvious where it’s going. They’ve left the really bombastic bass behind, but there’s still some seizure-inducing moments like the spiraling bass quavers of “MJ-12”. “Everyone’s & Nothing’s” flips the tempo upside down, maintaining the atmosphere of d’n’b but moving at sort of a stunned hip-hop speed. Aside from the rhythms, there’s usually more spacious drones than melodies, combining to create a sensation that’s tense but also unmoored.

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