Coco Bryce: Ma Bae Be Luv EP + Deep Into The Jungle EP (Lobster Theremin, 2020)

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Coco Bryce: Ma Bae Be Luv EP

Much like fellow Dutch producer FFF, Coco Bryce is one of the leading lights of the neo-jungle scene, yet he’s actually been mashing it up in a bunch of different styles for decades. His two recent EPs on Lobster Theremin both feature tracks that are warm and comforting but still have a dark side to them. The cartoon artwork on the labels fit, but it’s still sincere rather than jokey or ironic. Ma Bae Be Luv starts off with a Supremes-sampling title track, which is cuddly enough, but “Blue Tile Lounge” and “Smoke Screen” are a touch darker, with the latter crossing acid synths with hardcore breaks and Reese bass. “Get Shwifty” has heavier beat choppage and some punchdrunk horn samples, and just a little more junglist fire than the other tracks on the EP.

Coco Bryce: Deep Into The Jungle EP

Deep Into The Jungle is ruffer and darker from the beginning, with “Flight Six Six Six” built around samples of a doomed flight, and the synths a bit more warped and menacing. “Vegan Library” isn’t so heavy, and quite delectable, but “Deep Into The Jungle” is filled with crickets and swarming breakbeats, and a child’s voice saying “I wanna stay in the jungle!” “Only When I’m Dreaming” floats rather than crushes, and sums the EP up nicely: this is jungle for dreamers rather than roughnecks.

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