brin: Homescreen Glow (Leaving Records, 2020)

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brin: Homescreen Glow

Formerly known as Ant’lrd, brin (Colin Blanton) physically and virtually collaborated with several artists on his latest release for Leaving Records, Homescreen Glow. Matthewdavid, Dustin Wong, and Brian James Griffith are among the musicians who contributed beats, loops, and samples, and while there’s enough variation to make this seem like a long-distance collage project, it’s consistent enough with its own singular form of sound-warping. Sweet melodies mix with extremely jumbled rhythms and serrated glitches, but aside from an upfront anti-cop sample at the end of “Monarch”, much of this is quite friendly and fantasy-like. Tracks like “Guava” and “Glidewear” definitely have some Orange Milk-like hyperrealist vibes, mixing vaporwave textures with whirlwind beats that are basically like juke repeatedly tripping over its own feet. “Elastic Garden” is like that but a bit more spaced out and coherent. While much of it is frenetic, it blisses out a bit with the 9-minute sparkle-space journey “Another Portal” and the much bluer and more serene “Lost in the Glow”. Just an amazingly original and refreshing album.

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