Max Nordile: Building a Better Void LP (Gilgongo, 2020)

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Max Nordile: Building a Better Void LP

Max Nordile’s latest LP is part junkshop collage and part untethered, unrestrained songwriting. His voice nervously creaks out from under porch floorboards as traffic whirrs by, and a gang of mutant ducks peck at some broken instruments for the first time. Compared to other pieces here, “Site Traffic Prolonged” is like a poignant, heartfelt ballad sung by a groundhog. Others like “Milk mtn” are discordant chaos emitted by beings struggling to break free from their captured, restrictive states. The second side is mainly taken up by the longer, more freeform “Diligent Pores”, which is sort of an EAI/free jazz party scene. Finally, “Wispy” is a brief, abstract folk ballad which seems to barely hold together yet sounds too deliberate to have just been bashed out incoherently.

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