Desensitized: Hemispherica Portalis (Portal of 1000 Years) (Spotted Peccary, 2020)

December 29, 2020 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Desensitized: Hemispherica Portalis (Portal of 1000 Years)

This album marks the first collaboration between Deborah Martin and Dean De Benedictis, two artists who have been releasing music on Portland new age label Spotted Peccary for decades. The tracks are slow-moving but spontaneous, and they mix digital textures with fragmented melodies played on flutes or synthesizers, sometimes bringing to mind Emerald Web updated with current technology. “Formulata Oblivonos (A Complicated Tale)” has a slow, echo-dripping drum machine and crystalline chimes, and no destination in sight. “Ecumenicus Orato (The Umbilical Center)” seems to have some subliminal voices (or maybe whale calls) whooping in the background, with some wavy, almost turntable scratch-like delay effects coming closer to the foreground, as well as other crushed, glacial textures. “Saltis Nominus (Floating Seabeds)” is a deep trek through an unidentified environment, or maybe multiple ones at the same time — it’s hard to tell what creatures are calling throughout the track. “Terminus Equitos (Redemption Seeker)” is a busier, more clustered swirl of clicking beats and sparkling arpeggios. “Amphibinatum (Myths and Legends)” is a striking closer, with harp-like melodies plucked over rattling percussion and a panoply of layered sounds, some in reverse.

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