AceMoMA: EP3 (HAUS of ALTR, 2020)

December 26, 2020 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

AceMoMA: EP3

AceMo and MoMA Ready put out 3 releases together this year, and several more by themselves, and all of it was among the absolute best dance music of the year. I still haven’t actually caught up to their most recent solo EPs yet. I did catch all the AceMoMa stuff, though, and it’s all worth praising. The first two tracks on their third EP are pretty similar rough-edged house tracks, the main differences being the Black Panther Party-referencing speech sample in “Revolutionary”, and the melodies of “Sun Through Rain” which dead-on match the track’s title. “Harp Machine” is similarly lo-fi but has a more uptempo electro beat, and retains the previous track’s happy-sad feeling. “Rave Cache” is simple and stompy, not really the most eventful track here. But then they switch to jungle for the last two tracks, and I’m always down for that. Their breakbeat-driven material is refreshingly closer to the roughness of vintage hardcore rather than the more hi-def d’n’b of today, but there’s also something a little spacey and exploratory about “The Truth Is Out There”. “Sky Trax” is more of a hardstepper with choppy stop-start breaks so it has more punch to it.

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