Pub: Summer (ampoule records, 2000/2020)

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Pub: Summer

Glasgow-based producer Pub’s back catalog came to Bandcamp this year, and live album Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? was given a limited reissue. Additionally, the 16-minute epic “Summer” resurfaced, and now seems to be getting its due from audiences who missed out on it the first time around. Inhabiting the mellower, more hypnotic side of IDM, the track gently skims along without getting too deep, essentially sounding like a slow train ride through a simple but breathtaking landscape. Gradually some white noise washes and dub chords ripple in, stirring things up a little, but never distracting from the lovely mood. When the track originally came out, it was accompanied by a bunch of remixes (I have the 12″ with one of Arovane’s mixes on the A-side). Curiously, the new reissue omits the remixes and instead contains a brand new Pub track called “Fragile Root”. This one is closer to spacey IDM-electro, with some more whirling effects and a slightly playful acid bassline. It has a bit of a fuller, more melodic sound as well, but still keeps it a bit dreamy and minimal. And it goes on for 12 minutes, so it also has a similar sort of endless journey feel to it, but this one progresses a bit more. Truly lovely all around.

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