PVA: Toner 12″ EP (Big Dada, 2020)

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PVA: Toner 12″ EP

London’s PVA play danceable post-punk which mixes several U.S. and Euro influences. “Talks”, the lead track from their first EP for Big Dada, fuses programmed synths and live guitars and drums, and would sound right at home on DFA 15 years ago, although the half-spoken vocals with swaggering British accents clearly indicate that this is not New York’s brand of dance-rock. “Sleek Form” has much tougher sequencers, a heavier 4/4 kick drum, and more gliding synths, arriving near the intersection of EBM and Detroit techno, but still containing the energy of a live band. “Exhaust / Surroundings” has more of a dark new wave vibe, with paranoid acid synths and a scratchy guitar solo facing off halfway through. The remixes almost entirely concentrate on the band’s dance influences, looping vocal hooks over front-and-center drum beats, but Daniel Fox of Girl Band’s mix of “Exhaust / Surroundings” stretches things out more and applies some acidic guitar noise.

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