v/a: Moxie Presents Vol. 5 (On Loop, 2020)

December 15, 2020 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

v/a: Moxie Presents Vol. 5

Longtime NTS regular Moxie has been presenting compilations of forward-thinking underground dance music since 2014, with artists including Violet, DJ Python, Ikonika, SCNTST, and so many more. Volume 5 just arrived last month, and it’s a tantalizing set of various broken beat and club flavors. The first two tracks, by Yu Su and Al Wootton respectively, are both quite lush and dubby, with Wootton’s landing closer to garage. rRoxymore’s “Soleil Synthétique” starts out with steely breaks and gets much sunnier and housier, with some ear-tickling keyboard soloing near the end. Ronan & Teleself’s “Ocular Reflex” is the type of electro that doesn’t feel entirely trapped in the grid, thanks to its breakbeats and dubbed-out vocals. Ciao’s “Vibra (Fran’s Deep Mix)” comes closest to sounding like a vintage Transmat or Metroplex 12″, but with just enough of a modern touch. Pursuit Grooves’ “This Concentrated” is off-center house with a nimble bassline and unique touches like rainstick-sounding percussion. System Olympia’s “Miya Says” is a mellow house cruiser which just radiates blissful vibes, and briefly flashes back to electro-funk during its breakdown.

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