Smurphy: Spheres of Consciousness (Bokeh Versions, 2020)

December 4, 2020 at 7:21 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Smurphy: Spheres of Consciousness

Now apparently without Upgrayedd in front of her name anymore, Smurphy resurfaces on Bokeh Versions with a brief but fiery EP benefitting Eden Reforestation Projects. From the start, she constructs choppy footwork-esque beats with blips of Casio percussion and super relaxed synth pads. “Growth” is similarly lush yet rough, with timestretched ragga-jungle vocals and an aired-out Jersey bounce, and even a hint of bhangra, at least to my ears. “Instinct” is much more abstract, with rapid, spluttery noises giving way to “Dooms Night”-style bass and more aggressively cut-up drums, and pitched-up vocals floating up like bubbles (and a dolphin near the very end). “Intellect” is another footwork-y track that stretches a handful of vocal samples up against throbbing kicks, throws in a pinch of minimal techno, and actually still sounds kind of chilled out somehow. “Intuition” hits that sweet spot between hyperkinetic footwork and jungle/hardcore, although it’s not quite as atmospheric as the latter. Anyway, really strong EP of hybrid sounds and unpredictable samples.

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