Nahash: Flowers of the Revolution (SVBKVLT, 2020)

December 2, 2020 at 7:33 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Nahash: Flowers of the Revolution

SVBKVLT continues its currently flawless run with the latest album from Nahash, a project helmed by producer/engineer Raphaël Valensi and visual artist Tina Blakeney. Inspired by “the flowers that never grew, the fields that were burnt down, the plants that were trampled by boots”, the album is a set of hard, post-industrial club tracks which draw from various definitions of hardcore, as well as reggaeton, the more dread-heavy Hyperdub releases, and more. Openr “The Horns” (with Osheyack) is just a stormer which shapes explosive sound editing and rapturous strings into a locked-in dance track. “Changement De Régime” spikes The Bug-style mutated dancehall with runaway jungle breaks, and “Sangre Y Poder” adds gabber kicks to dembow, then surrounds it with spacey echo and sirens. “Montreal Terror Corps” is basically deconstructed gabber, proclaiming itself “hardcore like a nuclear bomb” and pacing out its explosive beats so it isn’t just a constant attack. Ultimately it’s much more frightening this way. The best of the remixes is DJ Plead’s “A Better Future”, a fast reggaeton track with is brisk and spacious yet still filled with bursts of menace.

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