Richard Devine: Systik (BL_K Noise, 2020)

December 1, 2020 at 6:31 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Richard Devine: Systik

With his new record, Richard Devine returns to making acid music after 25 years, but using pieces from his current gargantuan collection of gear. This includes a portable modular system and two modified 303s. The four tracks were recorded in singles takes, as this material was intended for his 2020 live sets. The music is a far cry from when I saw him at the underground stage of the Movement festival several years ago, when he was playing harsh, glitchy noise and people couldn’t escape fast enough. Instead, this is more danceable, certainly helped by the 303 acid elements, but the beats are still corrupted and twitchy enough for the IDM nerd brigade. The first two marathon tracks get mega hectic and fractured, in a fun way, but “TiMetrics” is more of a straightforward electro stormer. “5schim” is the shortest and most joyous of all, just a glorious 4.5 minutes of gleeful acid and the type of choppy rave-inspired breakbeats that remain a perennial favorite of AFX and Squarepusher.

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