v/a: Hyperextension: A Not Yet Remembered Records Compilation (Not Yet Remembered Records, 2020)

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v/a: Hyperextension: A Not Yet Remembered Records Compilation

Not Yet Remembered Records is a new label founded by precenphix and Cos BV, two Pennsylvania-based artists who have been making IDM and various other styles of electronic music since the IUMA and mp3.com eras, if not earlier. This compilation is a preview of various releases they’re set to release (some are out already). It starts out with some tracks that are along the steady, acid-tinged, mixable sort of IDM. Tleb’s “Westerly” is pretty isolationist ambient, but not entirely removed from humanity. Stormy Acres’ “Roasted Sanguine” is just as creepy as it sounds, and it pounds steadily without going in on an attack. Wolfe’s “Hyperextension” is an always-welcome collision of soft, innocent melodies and harsh, jagged beats which sound like an electrocution set to rhythm. precenphix’s “Prazosin House Lip” is a more bubbling acid techno track, until it switches to more crunchy, bristling beats. After an ambient piece by Blush To The Snow which is failing to rise above the lawnmower outside my apartment at the moment, Orbiscorpus’ “Giver” is an amazing track with ethereal vocals and heavy, cold drum machines clacking away. More darkwave than witch house, but could work as both. Séance’s “Dead Channel” is a suspenseful hard d’n’b track with horror movie pianos which absolutely rips once the breakbeats fully kick in. Blinkhorn’s “Some Day” is a bit of a breather after the album’s most intense track, and then “Angels From Andromeda” by Cerebral is a 12-minute mini-epic which flows from more fizzy, acidic electro-IDM until a gorgeous melody stops it in its tracks, and it moves into a more uplifting second half.

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