Kanyon: s/t (Towhead, 2020)

November 22, 2020 at 11:32 am | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Kanyon: s/t

Don’t have a whole lot of info on this one, but it’s on Color Plus’s label, so that’s enough of a recommendation. The cover art hints at some sort of black metal demo, but the tracks are various shades of post-club styles. “Straight Ether” is gently shifting breakbeats with relaxing mellow-AFX textures. “Vroom” is much more active and playful, with motoric breaks that prompt you to skip around the room. “Patternmaster” is a much trickier, tenser drum’n’bass-ish track, all nervous, choppy breaks and no release. “Number One” has a sequence of bubbly tones that are so soothing it might make you overlook how complex the beats are. “Six Track” is another track filled with tough, crunchy breaks, and after that it’s time for a pause to refresh, so “Tldr” is a gentle two-minute bath with some squishy synths toward the end. The short, slow-motion snow trudge “Morbid” serves as another resting period in between longer, breakier, busier tracks, with “Green” being a foggy swirl of crashing Amens and half-buried woodwinds.

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