v/a: Endangered Species Vol. 1 (Dark Entries, 2020)

November 15, 2020 at 6:29 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

v/a: Endangered Species Vol. 1

This is the first installment of Dark Entries’ series of ultra-rare curiosities emanating from deep within the past; tracks which may have only been rumored to exist, or may have toiled away in a box in a closet or attic, forgotten about for decades. It starts off with “Munich”, a somewhat garish ’80s Bowie knockoff from a pre-Dust Brothers John King, produced in 1983. The synths themselves are a bit closer to some sort of Italo-new wave hybrid, but the vocals are definitely Bowie-esque. The Actor’s “Picture 210” is lonesome, sequencer-driven minimal wave with shades of Gary Numan, definitely closer to the types of music DE was putting out more frequently when they first started out a decade or so ago. Brazil’s “Tvoj Svojet” is simply the Croatian cover of “Mad World” you never knew you needed to hear. Jamal Khe’s “L’Étranger (Ana Gharib)” is French-Algerian disco sung in Arabic, sounding way closer to Italo than raï, and it’s possibly the biggest revelation here. “Abemus Mind” by Nightless is a slower, more haunted one that unexpectedly features some gentle acoustic guitar and jazzy piano soloing, not to mention layers of sinister vocoders which cackle near the end. There’s lots more strangeness to uncover…

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