Eduardo De La Calle: Mindfulness Hipernormalisation (Konsysttenzia Records, 2020)

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Eduardo De La Calle: Mindfulness Hipernormalisation

The Madrid-born producer adds to his discography of well over 100 releases with a full-length of paranoid abstractions accompanied by ultra-creepy cover art (although the vinyl version has a generic white sleeve with a sticker at the top). Way different from the various forms of techno and house he usually makes, this is far closer to Y2K-era IDM, with skittering beats and calm ambient melodies, resembling dozens of thoughts at once, some more still and contemplative, others racing ceaselessly. When things calm down and straighten up a bit, it’s for a peppy ode to cryptocurrency called “Get Used to Electronic Money Happily”. Following a slightly twisted requiem called “End of a Generation”, the album returns to braindance-y beats and melodies with “The Getaway”, then later mellows out a little with “Chords From My Own Narcissism”. The album is based on a documentary called The HiperNormalisation which I haven’t seen, but it stands on its own as an inventive, hyper-aware soundtrack to a changing world.

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