Pursuit Grooves: Sustainable Movements For A New Age (self-released, 2009/2020)

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Pursuit Grooves: Sustainable Movements For A New Age

Pursuit Grooves recently brought back an obscure beat tape she briefly released for Earth Day in 2009. Sustainable Movements For A New Age is 20 short instrumental tracks with environmentally conscious titles, urging the listener to make an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. There’s some boom-bap style beats that avoid the usual crackly-vinyl funk breaks associated with the style (check out opener “Ecosystematics”), and there’s also the sort of wobbly, handmade, inventive rhythmic patterns that are instantly recognizable as her work. “Nuclear Rainbows” is one of the more punch-drunk beats here, and “Crap Snacks” sounds like broken reggaeton. “Solar Panels” is a mixture of hard, off-center beats and delicate pads and melodies, and several other tracks add soothing atmospheres to beats that otherwise seem a bit more tense. “Fresher Than Yours” has a chunky, thumpy beat pattern which maintains a smooth flow with its minimally layered bass and synth lines; “Tricycle Network” is a more bass-heavy variation. While clearly fitting within the “beat tape” category, with its shorter track times and exploratory feel, this release is still as conceptual as PG’s other releases, and it demonstrates her singular approach to beatmaking and sound construction just as much.

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