Robert Rental: Paralysis 12″ EP (Dark Entries/Optimo Music, 2020)

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Robert Rental: Paralysis 12" EP

Robert Rental: Paralysis 12″ EP

Robert Rental’s first 7″, from before he released music on Industrial Records and Mute, has now been expanded to a full EP thanks to Dark Entries and Optimo. The title track is well named, as it feels like much of the body is just devoid of feeling, cut off, unreachable. A drum machine ticks away and a guitar is flicked at, but the vocals are nearly zombified, and there’s an unsettling electronic whirring over everything. “A.C.C.” seems a little more together, with a tighter rhythm at least, although the vocals are still a little zoned out. The remaining three tracks are seeing release for the first time here. “G.B.D.” stumbles into a dilapidated, echoey drum rhythm before some ragged psych guitar soloing surfaces. An untitled track is unexpectedly tender, with lonesome vocals intoning a desire to be with someone over the barest tick of hi-hats and skeletal rhythmic guitar. “Ugly Talk” is leagues away from anything else on the EP, a 7-minute flotilla of interlocked fluid melodies which sway in impressive waves. Nothing remotely ugly about it at all. It fades out at the end but I’d take an entire LP side of it.

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