v/a: enter​:​protopost 12″ EP (art-aud, 2020)

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v/a: enter​:​protopost 12" EP

v/a: enter​:​protopost 12″ EP

Throwing the arbitrary idea of genres out the window, Italian label art-aud presents a half-dozen tracks that share little in common other than creativity and a need to be heard. The opener by Kreggo + Train To Eitanin is a slow, dubsteppy crawl filled with rapid flickers and quizzical, pitch-shifted voices. Maxwell Simons’ “Test160” is footwork nearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, creaking and covered in flop sweat. Mi Croevkhas’ “A25” is all out of proportion, with the blaring synths and tinny breakbeat nearly drowning out the thudding kick drum underneath, but this just serves to keep the track interesting and original. Loraine James’ “Anyways” seems to approach Jersey club but riddles it with glitches and soft, fizzy melodies, upsetting the club while letting it pause to reflect. The Horn’s “Phoneme” is slower and kind of awkward, finding its stride with some added percussion sounds halfway through, but then ending at 3 minutes. Cyclonix’s “Majic Soup” swerves in with a more commanding beat and trippy fx, gliding through and keeping the energy flowing. None of these tracks are obvious club anthems, but they all offer different perspectives on how to approach dance rhythms, and they’re all worth hearing.

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