Eternell: Imagined Distances (sound in silence, 2020)

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Eternell: Imagined Distances

Eternell: Imagined Distances

Sweden’s Ludvig Cimbrelius has released over a dozen albums as Eternell, with many more projects appearing on his label of the same name, and others such as A Strangely Isolated Place and Silent Season. While some of his other work, particularly as Purl, is closer to dub techno, Imagined Distances is vast, spacious ambient music which matches any number of breathtaking nature scenes, such as the nearly submerged sunset on the album cover. Two of the tracks run over 20 minutes; “Singularity” is a constant flow of shimmering, crystalline waves, while “Imagined Distances” is a bit lower-tide. Other tracks incorporate lilting, incandescent guitar licks, and even subtle, textural vocals. All of this, needless to say, is extraordinarily relaxing, yet carefully crafted, supremely relaxed but not lazy.

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