Bay B Kane: Bay B Kane Presents – Jungle Livity Releases (Ruff Guidance, 2020)

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Bay B Kane: Bay B Kane Presents - Jungle Livity Releases

Bay B Kane: Bay B Kane Presents – Jungle Livity Releases

This Bandcamp exclusive gathers Bay B Kane productions and remixes originally issued through Jungle Livity Records between 2011 and 2015. The first two tracks carry an Eastern motif, from the martial arts-themed “Lethal Technique” to the more meditative, midtempo “China” (an XBass co-production), which incorporates gorgeous samples of traditional instrumentation. “Get Madd VIP” samples that monologue from Network, and even though you’ve heard it countless times before, hey, guess what, listen to it again because it’s still relevant. Two songs match tough, rolling breaks with breezy, expressive vocals from Ruth Sharples, “Kool Breezin” and “Seven Kingdoms”, and other tracks like “Forsaken” offer similar vibes. “Concrete Clouds” traps a familiar sax lick (the one used in “Rump Shaker”) in a darkside thunderstorm. “Chills” is a similar tidal wave of swirling effects and slamming breaks. Tunes like the somewhat film noir-esque “iTurn” and more early Bukem-esque “Eternity” are set at ’92-like tempos, delivering heavy breakbeat pressure without the chaotic speed of jungle. Plenty of quality material to choose from here.

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