Tiger Village: Amblyopiac (Suite 309, 2020)

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Tiger Village: Amblyopiac

Tiger Village: Amblyopiac

Tiger Village’s self-released tenth album is all about the eye troubles he’s suffered from as a kid. I’m not going to go into all the details listed in the press release, but the track titles point at some of them. Like his other recordings, this one contains fractured, sporadic beats and effects that sort of forge their own logic. The synth pads on opener “Strabismus” are relatively calm and smooth but they’re accompanied by a series of dripping drum machines and buzzing effects which only vaguely coalesce into a rhythm at times. Yet it sounds more than just a random splatter of sounds. “Smiling Sounds Of Warm” is a fast, hobbling thumper which periodically derails and rematerializes, still keeping up its pogo pace. “Prism (Acoustic)” and “Circus Work” have some particularly juicy squeezed beats and elastic textures, while “Amblyopiac (Right)” has a stronger bassline and more wistful melody — even if these are both sliced into shards. It all wraps up with the playpen breakcore of “N-O No”, filled with squeaks, splatters, tiny fireworks, and lots of bonks. Hugely fun music for those who like challenging but highly imaginative beat constructions.

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