Drumskull: Interlocked (Seagrave, 2020)

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Drumskull: Interlocked

Drumskull: Interlocked

Drumskull’s hard-cracking grime-rave burner “Negative 7” was one of the highlights of Seagrave’s Fugitive Pieces compilation, and his full-length Interlocked delivers more of the same type of energy. Without fitting into one category, his music draws from early ’90s jungle and breakbeat hardcore, as well as the formative influences of hardcore punk and golden age rap. “Battle Stations” is smoothly shuffling atmospheric jungle with devastating bass, while “Interlocked” references early Prodigy as well as bleep techno, yet has choppier breaks and a more easygoing vibe than either. “Broken Rinse”, more of a broken beat-style track, is shorter and doesn’t travel as much as other tracks here. “Braincleaner” is another swell combination of relaxing pads and spiraling breaks, pushed along by thumping kicks and blinky oscillations. After the more low-key, minimal “Unarmed Opponent”, “Information Society” is a sublime, carefree deep house joint with a brief sample that may or may not refer to some sort of conspiracy theory. “Restart” recalls the type of dubstep that Hyperdub was known for during the 2000s and early 2010s, with a reggae drum fill and snatch of saxophone popping up over a smooth, sophisticated beat. Lots of promise here, definitely an artist to watch out for.

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