XBass: Second Bass (Ruff Guidance Records, 2020)

August 16, 2020 at 2:51 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

XBass: Second Bass

Longtime Bay B Kane collaborator XBass released this 21-track monolith on Bandcamp back in May. The Ruff Guidance label’s Bandcamp houses dozens of releases dating back to the halcyon mid-’90s, and as with a lot of the newer jungle coming out, it can be hard to tell exactly when it was produced, as so much of it updates the classic elements of jungle and drum’n’bass. This one dips into a bunch of different modes: the atmospheric roller “She Walks”, the hip-hop drum’n’bass of “Friend or Foe”, the tear-out ragga-jungle of “Can’t Stop the Mission”, “Rude Bwoy Forever”, “The Last Junglist”… and just to cut to the chase, there’s plenty of tracks with obscenely huge, roughed up breaks that just trample over everything like elephants. “Dan in the Blues”, “You’re Missing”, “Night Worker”, “Roots and Culture”, “Young Blood”, all guaranteed heavyweight sound system killers. Nuff respect!!

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