REQ & Smudge: Smudge’s Coffee 12″ EP (Seagrave, 2020)

August 15, 2020 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

REQ & Smudge: Smudge’s Coffee

Former warp signee REQ recently started making music again thanks to inspiration from his close friend Smudge, whoever that may be. The original tracks on this EP owe way more to early ’80s beatbox electro than any trend that’s been excavated recently, with midtempo cavernous booming beats and lo-bit samples tapped out furiously. “Change le Beat” obviously alludes to the ffffffresh 1982 Celluloid classic, and makes the melody a bit more dazed and spangly. The Fear Ratio’s mix of “Smudge’s Coffee” is as Skam-sounding as one might expect, pumping in some breakbeats but largely keeping things stripped down and steady. Best of all is the ETCH remix, which has some heavier bass pressure and tougher breaks, sounding a bit more futuristic than the other tracks. Very excited to hear that ETCH has signed to Moving Shadow, glad to hear one of the leaders of the new jungle/hardcore scene be recognized by the originators.

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