Renegade Android: Downtown (D-Trash, 2020)

August 8, 2020 at 2:58 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Renegade Android: Downtown

Renegade Android has been releasing IDM/breakcore hybrids on various netlabels since the late ’90s, and his new album finds him returning to D-Trash, which put out his first album in 1999. The tracks are all short and filled with glitchy/grindy beats and simple innocent/angry melodies, and they all refreshingly sound cut from the cloth of breakcore’s original lo-bit Amiga aesthetic rather than the more hi-definition direction some of the genre’s bigger names have gone in. No giant, glowing modular systems here. Instead, there’s fast, twitchy hyper-jigs like “Flailing Extremities”, which requires way too much caffeine to accurately dance to, but has a kind of cute melody behind it. “Malfunctioned Robby Robot” does in fact sound like something a little plastic droid with worn-out, defective circuits would try to dance to. “Obvious Threat” has some of the biggest, most destructive breaks here, and it’s one of the funnest tracks. “Swords and Daggers” is even more massive, and easily the most ambitious production on the album. Simply jaw-dropping. The album ends with a remix by Venetian Snares, but it doesn’t come close to overshadowing the preceding tracks, it’s more of a brief ambient coda, riddled with thin, chattering noise textures which end up devouring the track at the end.

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