Philip D Kick: As We Continue 12″ EP (Astrophonica, 2020)

August 4, 2020 at 5:44 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Philip D Kick: As We Continue 12″ EP

Somehow only the second vinyl release from Om Unit’s Philip D Kick alias, As We Continue adds a bit more oldschool techno to the project’s juke/jungle fusion. “Drips” is a choppy, wobbly treat which slightly nods to the Prodigy, and “160909313” combines a whole bunch of my favorite things in one track, ramping Detroit techno up to juke tempo without resembling ghettotech. “Funk 160” does much the same thing to smooth, mid-’90s drum’n’bass, like Adam F or Wax Doctor, but with some unexpected frizziness thrown in as the track winds on. “Summer Moods” sounds like a junglistic version of DJ Rashad at his most uplifting, and would be an easy winner at any parties we would normally be enjoying this season. After the more yearning “The Riviera”, “Clouds” seems to stare up at the vast, blue sky and summon an uncountable number of unspoken questions, with little more than an electro-ish beat, drifting pads, and minimal melodies.

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