Nailah Hunter: Spells (Leaving Records, 2020)

June 24, 2020 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Nailah Hunter: Spells

The six tracks on the first release by Los Angeles-based artist Nailah Hunter all represent different spells and incantations. While all of the pieces are brief, they’re all carefully constructed, with every subtle sound and note carrying meaning and purpose, and they all transport the listener into a different yet familiar world. Her wondrous harp playing bubbles up to the surface on the mystifying opener “Soil: Song from Silence”, then “Ruins” is a tranquil lullaby with bending synths, chirping insects, and of course more delicate harp playing. “Enter” has some comforting vocals buried beneath the thin textural layers, and Hunter’s magnificent voice is a bit more audible on the ambient dream pop gem “White Flower, Dark Hill”, easily the highlight of the release. “Talisman” is sort of an aired-out, slightly blurry new wave bit which ends the release. Astonishingly beautiful music, hopefully the first of many transmissions from this world-conjuring artist.

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