scrap.edx: People of the Longhouse (Voidstar Productions, 2020)

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scrap.edx: People of the Longhouse

Based in my home state (Connecticut), scrap.edx has been producing high-quality breakcore, rhythmic noise, IDM, and what have you for around 20 years now. “People of the Longhouse” is a technoid track with some industrious percussion and some glitching, but it’s all very precise, clean, ordered, and functional. A sample during a pause in the rhythm projects a message against police-state surveillance, and the beat gets stompier, injecting just the right dose of energy for the message at hand. The other track on this single is by Children of Men, a hip-hop project scrap.edx’s Joshua Colella, and it sounds something like Aesop Rock recording in a cave with a broken beatbox. The beat drips like water from a stalactite and the emcee’s rapidfire rhymes bounce off the cave walls, getting more tragic and macabre as they progress.

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