Open Spaces: Opening Space (Constellation Tatsu, 2020)

April 13, 2020 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

Open Spaces: Opening Space

This stunning release pairs breathing, flowing synth drones with natural sounds (lots of chirping birds, possibly some frogs underneath), all best heard on a loud stereo system, so you can feel like you’re at a concert in the middle of the forest. Even given that description, there’s some strange, mind-twisting things happening, with strange unidentifiable sounds swooping in and shifting effects. The title is perfect, as this is music that constantly expands, and encourages the listener to escape confinement, both mentally and spatially. Standout piece “Compassion” is a surprisingly melancholy astral lullaby, with a slow, distant drum pounding and a waterfall-wash of gorgeous vocals by Michelle McCosker.

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  1. love everything from this label, this is no exception. also a belated thank you for all the great content!

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