José Orozco Mora: Formas Aparentes (Constellation Tatsu, 2020)

April 13, 2020 at 6:55 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

José Orozco Mora: Formas Aparentes

Here’s four tracks of sparkling synth vibrations from Mexico City (assuming that’s what the tag on the album’s Bandcamp page indicates). “Ramas” rises and eventually settles on a calm, pounding cyber-mantra beat, and an array of playful synth tones frolic excitedly around it. It seems like music for meditation, but also active enjoyment. “Formas Aparentes” starts with a synth pattern imitating a babbling brook, then blooms into a prismatic sequence which radiates with excitement and wonder, eventually gaining more of a jubilant rhythm to take it to another level. “Organismos” starts out as a calmer drone, but then the sequencer rhythm trickles in, then more melodic soloing, all growing steadily like a patch of flowers. “Contemplaciones” is one simple, final thought, ending this short but very promising release.

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