Maxx Mann: s/t LP (Red Dog Productions, 1982/reissued by Dark Entries, 2020)

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Maxx Mann: s/t LP

This is the first-ever reissue of a 1982 obscurity by vocalist Frank Oldham Jr. and producer/musician Paul Hamman. The music is campy, over-the-top new wave with explicitly homoerotic lyrical themes, particularly during the obsessive fetish-fest “Leather Man”. Oldham’s vocals are nearly Broadway-ready, and the music is catchy and detailed, and played with tons of energy. “Like a Killer (True Love Is Always True)” is a perky ode to a love which will live forever throughout the universe, but the definite highlight is “Our Love Won’t Last The Night”, one of those songs that will instantly stick in your head forever the first time you hear it. There’s only four songs, but the instrumentals (with backing vocals) for all of them are included, and “Bloody and Blue” works better as a sleek disco tune without the lyrics.

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