Linea Aspera: Preservation Bias LP (Dark Entries, 2019)

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Linea Aspera: Preservation Bias LP

Linea Aspera were one of the absolute best bands of the minimal synth revival early in the 2010s. They broke up shortly after the release of their 2012 cult classic debut album, but reformed last year. This isn’t a new album but a collection of remastered tracks which appeared on their first 2 cassettes and a compilation. Like the first album, this is absolutely flawless coldwave synth-pop, with icy synth arrangements and black-lipstick vocals. The title track is a different version of a song that appeared on the album, but otherwise these are all unfamiliar to me. There’s several storming darkwave anthems, like “Attica” and “Antipodean Tedium”, but there’s also a noisy diversion in “Kinabalu”, which starts out tense and racing, then surprisingly derails into coarse, pulsating static, stretching over seven minutes. “Detachment” is a brisk, brittle ode to alienation which is also spiked with bits of searing noise. “Royal Straight” is kind of a drifting instrumental which ends with a cartoony gunshot. “Vultures” is another pounder with a commanding “Sound the alarm!” hook. Excited to hear any new material from them, if they produce any.

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