TV.OUT: Dusk Till Dawn 12″ EP (Dark Entries, 2019)

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TV.OUT: Dusk Till Dawn 12″ EP

Tel Aviv duo TV.OUT produce heavy, paranoid club tracks which make you glance over your shoulder. They recently released two 12″s on L.I.E.S., and this is their first EP on Dark Entries. Immediately, it starts out with the type of dark, creeping electro you might expect from Dutch labels Viewlexx and Murder Capital. “Sun” has a more pounding techno beat, but with jittery sequencers and a continued suspicion that things are heading in a grim direction. “War Zone” is an absolute bomb, just the type of electro track you want to play as loud as possible and make the earth crumble. “Lord” is just straight ahead, stalking EBM techno. “Product of My Environment” has slow kicks and an array of delay-scattered percussive strikes, coming a bit closer to new beat. “Slippery Slope” ends the EP with one more evil electro tune, this time with a spine-chilling siren wailing through it. All tracks are excellent, but the electro ones are truly the ones that stand out most.

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