Shcuro: Particle of Memory 12″ EP (Dark Entries, 2020)

March 30, 2020 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Shcuro: Particle of Memory 12″ EP

Part of the same Lisbon club scene as Violet and Photonz, who both released excellent albums on Dark Entries last year, Shcuro makes grim yet sparkling dance tracks joining the circuits of hard electro, techno, and EBM. “Afterlife” kicks this EP off with steely yet bouncy electro, featuring seductive vocals by ELLES. The following “Decadent Dub” of the same song emphasizes the track’s detailed, striking beatwork. “Left at Dawn” is much heavier and snappier, folding some almost shoegaze-like blown-out melodies into its cold, lacerating beats. “Can’t Let Go” has a faster, more restless beat which is made all the more tense with frequent pauses, ending up a sort of future ballroom-electro. “The Predator’s Dream” is haunting, subterranean electro which growls and prowls, but in a chic way. Lastly, “Is It Real” is one of the EP’s spaciest cuts, bouncing with heavy kicks and sideways raygun blasts.

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