Spray Paint: Into the Country LP (12XU, 2019)

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Spray Paint: Into The Country LP

This is Spray Paint’s first album since 2016, and it was actually recorded that year. The band has slowed down their pace, and two of the members have moved to different countries, but they’ve released a few singles, including a Live at Third Man EP and collaborations with Protomartyr and the Rebel, and they reunited for a Monofonus Press R.I.P. weekend last year. This album is pretty different than their others — it’s not as heavy on mind-bending guitar noise, and there’s a surprising amount of electronics and drum machines. The vocals are as acerbic as ever, and some of the lyrics are apparently sourced from Info Wars comment sections. “Keep on Googlin'” is an early highlight, with a buzzing, galloping rhythm leading up to the piercing refrain “Please never talk to me.” “BRW’s Theme” (presumably referring to the Rebel’s B.R. Wallers) has sort of a nervous bounce to its rhythm, and the lyrics are just as twitchy and uncertain, yet it somehow ends up being the album’s most chipper song. “Bed Death” is basically their idea of techno, with a bleak, pulsing beat and heavy echo on the vocals, which sound like they’re being shouted down a well. “Bins Out” is two minutes of jagged, high-speed guitar terrorism, and “Can’t Help But Kill” is 80 seconds of pure anxiety in public spaces. Nine-minute Final track “Cleaning Your Gun” is a profane, synth-laden descent to the depths of the internet.

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