The Moonset Production Company: s/t (self-released, 2019)

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The Moonset Production Company: s/t

This one was handed to the radio station by the artist, but there’s barely any information about it online. The few pages that turn up when searching the project name also turn up the name Othercast, perhaps that’s the name of the artist, or label? Anyway, all that really matters is that this an incredible assemblage of lost transmissions, ghostly voices, and rave flashback beats. A lot of it brings to mind the Ghost Box aesthetic, but “Tonight’s Program” is more overtly techno-influenced, with old-time radio announcements popping up like speech bubbles over breakbeats and exuberant synths. The sounds dissolve into memories and scrambled signals during the interludes, but they’re summoned back to life with the more beat-driven tracks. A Balearic guitar riff emerges near the end of “One Moment Please”, then the more abstract “sky circuitry” sounds like a brief dip into Nurse With Wound’s nightmarish universe. “We Apologize for the Continued Interruptions” has more crunch to it, particularly due to the slowed-down jungle breaks, but the rest of the album doesn’t quite get as heavy. This is an absurdly good album that just seemed to materialize out of nowhere, I can’t imagine this one’s going to stay obscure for long. Lovers of all things hauntological will be instantly in love with this one. Also, the CD version contains a short unlisted bonus track that isn’t on the Bandcamp download.

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