Special Request: Zero Fucks (self-released, 2019)

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Special Request: Zero Fucks

Paul Woolford released no less than 4 Special Request albums last year, with the back-to-basics hardcore of Vortex receiving the most applause and club play. He’s saved the hardest (and best) of them all for last, and Zero Fucks is indeed the most IDGAF thing he’s released. While all his other albums were released by Houndstooth, this one was a Bandcamp freebie, and it’s easy to hear why — there’s bootleg edits of Jay-Z and Travis Scott songs here, which might’ve prevented their release through an official label. Brief soundbytes from Francis Bacon and David Lynch are included, attempting to explain the chaotic nature. The highlights are absolutely vicious “Spectral Frequency” winds frazzled breakbeats up for a long stretch, until it all breaks through and slams out, taking no prisoners. Others like “10 Missed Calls for the Reload” and the deceptively soft (at first) “Quiet Storm” follow the time-honored formula of deadly jungle tracks laced with tender R&B samples. “Elysian Fields” has probably the biggest contrast between sweet, chiming melodies and bash-your-skull breaks. And in case “10 Missed Calls” weren’t enough, “Timelapse/20 Missed Calls” is an extended VIP which pushes it further down the long, dark tunnel. Closer to a mixtape than a standard album, Zero Fucks nevertheless finds Woolford firing on all cylinders.

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