Danger Room: Rick Owens Prank (Funny!!1) (Safa Collective, 2019)

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Danger Room: Rick Owens Prank (Funny!!1)

Closely related to Ann Arbor art-rockers Satan Face, Danger Room is a basement-dwelling noise act deconstructing rock and jazz forms. Released on Christmas, this tape starts out with some hissing and buzzing before someone starts mangling a guitar, and then an oscillator, or tape deck. Some overdriven guitar effects piledrive everything into the ground for a moment, and a lengthy track called “Reverse Cuomo” is filled with demonic screaming, seemingly in direct tribute to Masonna. It would be hair-raising if the piercing feedback and tape manipulations didn’t throw it all into the realm of the absurd and hilarious. HWAHHHHHH!!!!! The second side is taken up by “Jazz (we don’t got)”, which has wailing reeds snaking through hissing synth eruptions. It gets noisy and chaotic, but not in the same ripping-your-brain-from-its-stem way as the first side. There’s measured stretches, and more primal screaming, and more piled-on freak-outs. It also takes a long time to finally die off.

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