The Glass Path: Recurring Faces Through The Spiral Of Time LP (Hologram Label, 2019)

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The Glass Path: Recurring Faces Through The Spiral Of Time LP

All of the sounds heard on this album were sourced from field recordings made in Peru in 2016. They’re hardly recognizable as such, though, as they’re processed through muddy tape loops that make them sound like they’re shivering at the bottom of a well. On a few occasions, such as the brief “Cosntanera”, a remnant of a tune pokes through, in sort of a Caretaker-like fashion, and it sounds like it’s gasping for air. “Llaulipata” sounds like a sputtering airplane flying overhead while diseased birds chirp. “On Train, On High” is a much brighter, more uplifting melodic organ spiral. After that, it gets frigid and unforgiving again. People are busy plowing the streets and snowblowing sidewalks outside right now, and some of this sounds like a disfigured version of that. Then the final track, “Clap In The Oasis”, is another blown out, exhausted distortion of another long-forgotten melody. Super discomforting but really intoxicating.

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