Animals Within Animals: We Fail For A Living (Bad Taste, 2019)

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Animals Within Animals: We Fail For A Living

Plunderphonic collective Animals Within Animals finally resurfaced last year, encompassing hundreds of years of failure, detritus, and making do with what’s available on the gargantuan, hilarious We Fail For a Living. Opener “Unlikely Things” arranges a tune out of a clip of someone taking non-musical sounds and talking about making music out of them, essentially doing his job for him. “Trashy Music For Trashy People” is a brief collage based on Oscar the Grouch’s “I Love Trash”, incorporating several other songs and audio clips about trash, and touching on the whole trash art philosophy. “Fresh For 88” is a collage of hip-hop samples which directly reference the year the songs were recorded, starting with BDP and then progressing through the golden age to gangsta to Busta Rhyme’s pre-millenial paranoia, kicking off a Y2K theme which continues through the album. The three-part “Chronological History of the United States” series is absolutely bonkers, smashing together hundreds of suspenseful movie clips, intense dubstep drops, death metal growls, Freddie Mercury a capellas, and loads of profanity into dense pieces of sonic overload. Also, Negativland’s Weatherman warns of impending failure, and there’s a lengthy lecture on “brain warshing” set to waves of industrial noise.

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